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Busy & Blessed

No two Texas days are alike at Flanagan Cattle Co. My name is Christy Flanagan.  My husband, Craig and I live in Leonard in northeast Texas.  We have a 13 year-old son named JT and we’ve been … read more

Value In The Valley

Enveloped by town and tourists, Lockhart Cattle Company found ways to make their venture work Photos by David Stubbs and Melissa Hemken Only a handful of working ranches remain among … read more

Return to Ranching

An interesting journey leads this young beef producer back to the land he loves By Troy Smith There’s a busy stretch of road running northward, from Fort Collins to Laramie. That 65-mile section … read more


Vaccination protocols and treatments for BRD, BVD, pink eye, trichomoniasis, vibrio, IBR, and scours and more.

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Keeping beef cow/calf producers and beef seed stock operations, drovers, stockers and feed lot operators up to date in beef cattle health protocol such as BRD, BVD, fly control and parasites; bull sales; ranch equipment including tractors, hay implements, stock trailers and ATVs; squeeze chutes; ranch fencing; ear tags; pasture, grass and range management; and of course, ranch rodeo including western horseman techniques and tack.