What Does CBD Feel Like

Cannabidiol, more popularly called CBD Oil is a plant-based supplement that is steadily gaining popularity, given its multitude of health benefits. CBD Oil is extracted from the edible components of the Cannabis Sativa Plant or the Hemp Plant and is being utilized for its immense medicinal properties.

The growing interest over this plant-based medicinal breakthrough has sparked curiosity from all walks of life. People suffering from life-long illnesses, and those who are experiencing debilitating pain, all want to reap its wellness benefits.

The common questions before taking the plunge is if it is legal to use, and how does it feel like to ingest CBD oil or use CBD-based products. Its legitimacy for one has been resolved already. Most states allow possession and selling of CBD Oil and CBD-based supplement as long as it does not have over .3% Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content.

THC is the psychoactive component that is present in Cannabis. It produces the mind-altering effects Marijuana is famous for. Once the THC Content of a CBD Oil goes beyond the government threshold of .3%, it automatically becomes classified as a prohibited drug. This is because THC use has only been approved for therapeutic and medical use. If the THC levels of a Cannabidiol supplement goes beyond .3%, then the user experience will be different altogether. 

How does it feel to take CBD?

Cannabidiol is non-active and non-psycho active. It does not promote dependency. And unlike other medicines, the body does not get used to it quickly that it fosters resistance. And because it is non-psychoactive, it does not have any mind-altering effects that give way to feeling either euphoric or numb. 

So how does it feel to take CBD? Generally, most users report that they felt calmer. During their initial intake, most consumers mentioned that they experienced a subtle effect but states that they noticed a feeling of being relaxed and free from worries. The users, however, are quick to underscore that the calmness they felt cannot be compared to feeling “high.” They stressed, they just felt normal minus thinking about their usual worries. Anyway, CBD does not produce the feeling of being “high” nor euphoric, unlike Marijuana.

Another outstanding after-effect of regular CBD Oil intake is lessened pain all over the body. Those suffering from constant migraines have minimized episodes of intense headaches. Chronic and acute pain sufferers also attested that they felt better as if their pain threshold has gone higher. And this is generally the effect of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Better Sleep Patterns

As a natural sleep aid, CBD allows the user to fall asleep easier. Falling asleep is the positive impact of easing the stress and worries of patients suffering from mental health conditions. These psychological illnesses include anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, and depression. 

Individuals afflicted with terminal illnesses like Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis also report having a healthier outlook in life following regular intake of Cannabidiol supplements. Their doctors believe that because CBD helps them get better sleep and eases their pain, their quality of life drastically improves.

The opposite of drinking strong coffee

Some CBD users have described the feeling of taking CBD supplements as the direct opposite of drinking a double shot espresso. While CBD does not leave you feeling weak, it does not invigorate you, such that your mind gets into a hyperactive mode. It promotes serenity and calmness. Stress and jitters, anxiety as well as panic have been a thing of the past.

Apart from feeling calm, CBD appears to affect the mood positively. Social experiences become more pleasant, and the users have observed a generally improved sense of well-being. Triggers and pet peeves are no longer as pronounced as they were pre-CBD intake. And the good news is, it does not have the side effects related to taking anti-depressant medications.

The only common denominator of CBD and coffee according to its users, is its ability to enhance focus. While coffee energizes the mind and prompts it to stay focused, CBD eliminates the stressors and agitators to minimize distractions. Once distractions are removed, the consumer becomes more concentrated with his task.

Less Stress

Long-time Cannabidiol users and enthusiasts also report that they felt their stress levels wane down with their regular intake of CBD. The elimination of anxieties complemented by promoting calm has paved the way for lesser stress.

Physical stress is relieved, as well. Even people experiencing random body pain and soreness have reported relief after taking Cannabidiol. The less physical pain a person feels, the lesser the mental stress he undergoes. CBD Oil delivers this one-two punch of eliminating psychological and physical stressors to improve the mood and promote a feeling of being well.

While most people would say that the bodily reaction from CBD oil may be subjective, most users report the same feeling of peace and the absence of physical pain.