Side Effects of Cannabidiol CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is an ideal plant-based supplement that has incredible medicinal properties. To this date, researchers are continuing to discover more and more therapeutic benefits from consuming CBD Oil. 

Its broad range of positive health impact includes pain relief and prevention of epileptic seizures. It is also widely being used now to generate calm and help cure anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBD Oil is also known to promote better sleep health and pave the way for better cardiovascular health through lower blood pressure.

But like any other supplement, CBD Oil also has its share of side effects.

Side-effects of using CBD Oil

While CBD Oil is non-addictive and non-psychoactive, it still bears some risks of possible side effects for too much ingestion. These adverse health effects are nowhere near the side effects of using other plant-based supplements, and mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, but it can be unpleasant too.

Here is a list of possible side effects that could be felt after consuming too much CBD :

1. Nausea – Cannabidiol can be biphasic. Being biphasic means producing different boldly reactions depending on the strength of the dosage. For instance, too much CBD can promote nausea and could encourage sleep. Lesser dose, on the other hand, allows the user to stay calm and focused on his task at hand. When CBD doses tend to be higher than what the body can be initially accustomed too, nausea can set in. Should this occur, the patient is advised to rest and take note of his observations. He is also being encouraged to lower his current dose to avoid a similar incident in the future. 

2. Gastro-Intestinal upset – Stomach upset is a common side effect of any medication. For instance, even the most common medicines can cause stomach pains when the user takes it on an empty stomach. If in case the stomach becomes upset during the initial intake, try to dial down the next dose and observe how the body reacts for at least seven days. Adjust dosing accordingly. 

3. Dry Mouth can be a result of taking too much CBD. When the user feels thirsty all the time and thinks that his Mouth may have dried up, then he might have ingested way too much CBD. This can be remedied by lessening future intake until the body reacts as desired.

 4. Increased appetite. Increase in appetite may or may not be a side effect. Changes in cravings and eating habits can be viewed positively by a person wanting to gain weight. Those who are wishing to lose weight though may feel that this side effect is a bane. The best way to counter the effects of increased appetite is to surround oneself with healthy food, and indulge in healthy eating. Apart from that, incorporating regular physical fitness activities can help too.

5. Drowsiness is yet another unpleasant side effect of too much CBD oil in one’s system. While a significant chunk of users utilizes CBD as a natural and plant-based sleep aid, not everyone would like to feel drowsy. Feeling dizzy or drowsy early on in the day impedes the daily tasks of a user. When drowsiness is felt and traced to too much CBD use, it is best to downscale on the dose. Observe if drowsiness can still be felt following the changes, and note it so that one could prevent it in the future.

Avoiding Overdose

The best way to prevent overdose is to start at a minimum level of Cannabidiol dose. A minimum dose depends on a person’s body structure and the physical symptoms he is trying to eliminate.

Most enthusiasts would say that a dose not higher than 25 mg can be a good start. Afterward, one can go on increasing their dose week after week until the desired results are achieved.

Other side effects

Other side effects of continuous CBD use is possible liver damage.

Also, to avoid other unpleasant effects, it is best to ensure the authenticity of the CBD product being used. Source only from reliable companies that have proven their ability to procure genuine CBD Oil and CBD-based products.

Taking adulterated supplements, and sourcing CBD from unreliable merchants can be risky. It is crucial to know the source of the oil and how it has been extracted. It is also vital that a trustworthy laboratory can attest to the purity of the CBD Oil that the company sells. The lab should likewise assure that the products are not contaminated and are safe for internal use.

Lastly, it is also best to double-check on the dosage and note corresponding effects to the body as everyone may react differently to CBD.