Questionable Quotes

By: Tim O’Byrne

Every time we do the Salute to the Feedyard issue, I’m reminded of my own years spent in the hustle and bustle of the pens and feed lanes. And so, it is only fair that I impart unto you some of my musings.


1. “Plugged leg? No problem, man, I’ll be there in a jiffy. Got an extra shovel?”

2. “I hate it when things are boring around here.”

3. “I hope it rains again tomorrow.”

4. “That’s OK, Horse, I didn’t even feel you smush my knee into the gatepost for the third time this morning. I must be getting used to it. Carry on.”

5. “Well, I’d love to keep shootin’ the breeze with you all morning here in the return alley, but I really should get back to riding my bank o’ pens.”

6. “Wow, I totally missed that one. Thanks, Mr. feed truck driver.”

Seriously, #6 happened to me (it probably happened to you, too), and I’m glad the guy caught it at the bunk… later, as I learned to drive feed truck, I found out just how much you can see from up there, especially those sick critters that try to hide from the pencheckers by fakin’ that they’re eating. Teamwork and humility. That’s a successful combination.

Let’s have a little fun. I need you to go back in your archived WR back issues in order to qualify to win this little contest. But first, let me tell you what the prize is. Bear and Son Cutlery, Inc., in Jacksonville, AL, sent me this 100% American-made bone handled pocket knife. This knife is so special it deserves to be shared with a reader. The blade on the 37⁄8”Cowhand™ is 440 high carbon, rust resistant steel. It also features nickel silver bolsters, a one- hand open finger hole on the hollow ground blade, liner lock and pocket clip. It’s one heck of a knife, and it retails at $80 bucks.

Let’s go wayyyy back to the August September 2007 issue of WR. I’ll bet some of you still have one in the bookshelf. Now… look on page 65. What is the name of Chapter 2 of Dr. Bob Blomme’s upcoming retirement book, if he ever gets it wrote?

The first one to call me with the correct answer WINS! Pretty simple. It’s 702-566-1456, leave a message, I might be away from the office. If I don’t call you back, it means somebody beat you to it. If you still want to chat, call me back some day, I like to hear from readers an y chance I get. Keeps me grounded.

My travels took me through a quiet feedyard town in southern Alberta this summer, and I did what I always do no matter where I go… stop in at the local market and check out the beef assortment, packaging, labeling, and price. This was a shocker! A Tbone was marked regular at $53.77 / kg ($24.44 lb. Canadian). That’s $22.38 / lb. U.S.! This ¾ lb. steak costs $17.13 U.S.! And it ain’t even cooked yet. And that wasn’t the only sticker shock I encountered north of the 49th! Canada, you sure have some pricey BBQ’s up there.


Although WR Senior Editor Troy Smith is a remarkable journalist and photographer in his own right, I mistakenly attributed the beautiful photograph on the lead spread of the story Being Bold (June July 2014, p. 81) to his lens, when the credit should have gone to Nick Gerhardt, a friend of the Nielsen family who was featured in the piece. Our apologies, Mr. Gerhardt.

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