Dealin’ With a Deluge of Data

 by Jennifer Showalter

Face it, you’re going to need to plug in sooner or later in this traceback world

Whether we like it or not, the days of keeping records with pencil and paper is a thing of the past. With more individual records being kept in the cattle industry to improve traceability and to increase efficiency more than ever before, technological record keeping programs designed specifically for cattlemen have made a hit in the market.

When shopping for a system and/or device that best fits your needs, take the time to make sure you are really getting what you want and that a reliable technical support team backs the product. Lori Janes, with Cattleman’s Resource, says, “You don’t make a steak the first year you buy a cow and a bull, and to build a good cattle business takes a step at a time. Expect to do the same with your data systems. After analyzing the current status of your data systems and clarifying your goals, then talk with the different software companies to find the one that best fits your business and can help you walk through your goals, one step at a time.” Tim Davis, Vice President of Mid-West Micro Systems, adds, “I have never known any two operations to have the same record keeping needs.


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