Belarus, U.S. Plan To Create Beef Cattle Joint Ventures

Cattlemen from Belarus and the United States are planning to establish joint ventures to raise beef cattle. They expect to bring these animals to the Russian market as well as to Middle East and Asian consumers. The Minister of Agriculture and Food reported a foreign enterprise in Belarus plans to purchase up to 10,000 head of Black Angus by March 2016. Belarus has large tracts of land that will easily support cattle. The U.S. will provide technical support.

Indiana Beef Cattle Association Sets Area Beef Meetings

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) will join Perdue University to hold ten area beef meetings across the state this winter. The meetings will begin in December and end in January and are open to all beef producers. These meetings will feature local food, valuable information on beef issues, policies, programs and the latest information from the IBCA, Indiana Beef Council and Perdue Extension. Schedules for all beef meetings may be requested by calling 800-515-2333 or go to

Workshop Focuses On Cattle Reproduction

Livestock reproduction will be the hot topic of a symposium that will be held November 17 in Clayton, New Mexico. Sponsored by New Mexico State University’s Union County Cooperative Extension Service, experts will provide a wide range of topics for cattlemen. They will cover nutrition, reproductive diseases, anatomy of the bovine reproduction tract, and more. For additional information, call 575-374-9361 or 505-306-4966.

USDA Designs New Web Tool For Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

The USDA will be prioritizing funding for beginning farmer and rancher programs. It is also offering a new web tool that helps new farmers and ranchers find appropriate USDA resources. $5.6 billion will be provided for services and programs for new and beginning farmers and ranchers. The new tool is available at The site features advice and guidance on good business practices a new business owner needs to know, including writing business plans, obtaining loans and filing taxes.

Friendly Competition Preserves Beef Industry in Oklahoma

The 2nd Annual Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation Steer Carcass Challenge begins December 2. The Steer Carcass Challenge provides an opportunity to donate to the OCF while creating an opportunity for friendly competition, based on performance and carcass merit of cattle. It is a tax-deductable donation, and the carcass data ranchers receive after the animal is slaughtered is valuable. To learn more about the Steer Carcass Challenge and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation, visit

Minnesota Cattle Industry Convention Meets December 3-5

The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association and the Minnesota CattleWomen’s Association will host their annual convention and trade show December 3-5 in Hinckley. The 2015 convention will focus on timely and relevant topics as well as a joint venture wolf workshop. The wolf workshop will discuss practical methods to reduce livestock losses to predators, and will provide an update to the wolf delisting status plus state depredation services. Visit for additional information or to register.

Canada To Accept Imports Of EU Beef 19 Years After Mad Cow Disease

Beef from the European Union (EU) has been banned in Canada since 1996 due to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), which can affect the health of humans who eat infected beef. Canada has reopened its market to beef from the EU, 19 years after it blocked all imports because of mad cow disease. Some 15 years ago the EU created a testing system and enforced laws against allowing sick animals into the food system. Canada has reauthorized the importation of beef from 19 member states in the EU.

TPP Recognized As Opportunity For Mexican Cattle Genetics

A representative for the Mexican Agriculture Secretary has said the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is an opportunity to further improve cattle genetics in Mexico. He said the agreement would help Mexican breeders live up to international standards and export genetic material such as semen, embryos and live cattle to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

Free BQA Certification Opportunity During Range Beef Cow Symposium

Beef Quality Assurance program will be presented at no charge at the Range Beef Cow Symposium November 16. A pre-symposium workshop will include both indoor certification and a live cattle handling demonstration. The five-hour workshop scheduled on November 16 will include practical information on Best Management Practices such as cattle care and husbandry, feedstuffs, medications and feed additives and more. Visit the Range Beef Cow Symposium website for more information. Contact Libby Bigler (970-491-2333; to RSVP for the BQA workshop.

NSDU Shares Beef Cattle Research Results

Recently, North Dakota State University researchers completed several studies that may interest cattle producers. Researchers found that producers can feed a sugar beet called a “feed beet” to cattle without affecting the animals’ growth performance or meat quality. They also developed a system that monitors cows’ reproductive performance. Plus, studies indicate that large round bales of hay that are stored outside can lose dry matter and nutrients. For more information about these studies, see the “2015 North Dakota Beef Report” at